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Research Interests
News and Recent Activity
Work in progress:
*) A Class of Littewood polynomials that  are not L^\alpha-flats (soon on Arxiv).
**)  A cubic nonconventional ergodic average with M\"{o}bius and Liouville weight converge almost everywhere (soon on Arxiv).
***) I will put soon on my page a short paper on the real history of LMRS and our departement of mathematics. A history since 1966 in which every one who contribute to this history will be mentionned at exact level of his contribution. The real history of LMRS correspond exactly to the following David Hilbert's Quote :
 "Mathematics knows no races or geographic boundaries; for mathematics, the cultural world is one country."
Tweets of the Day @:"Try a hard problem. You may not solve it, but you will prove something else.
” By John E. Littlewood.